Barajas Study 3

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Barajas Study 3
Madrid, Spain, 2014
Limited Edition Fine Art Photograph

The Air Collection is series of several photographs related to all things aviation.  Airports, aircraft, and the sky itself are the main subjects.  Mark has had the good fortune to travel the world extensively, and to spend time in many, many airports.  While some people prefer to arrive at the airport with the minimum amount of time possible, Mark prefers to arrive early and look for interesting areas to photograph.

Limited Edition Fine Art Photograph

Mark offers only the highest grade, museum quality prints of his work. Sometimes referred to as a Giclée print, these pieces are made with an extreme attention to detail by the artist personally in his studio and use the most expensive, highest quality materials available.

The paper is sourced from a French company that dates back to 1557, producing some of the finest papers available to artists. Their photographic printmaking papers are truly exceptional and give the print a tonality and look that is captivating.

These prints are limited by the edition. Only a small number of them will ever exist. They are signed in Mark's preferred method, in the bottom right of the image itself, usually subtly hidden in the shadows, but sometimes with more pop and contrast, depending on what he feels is the proper fit for the image.

The dimensions refer to the image size, while the paper extends a bit larger on all sides making handling and framing more convenient.

To see for yourself how Mark creates these fine prints, check out the video below!

Signed Giclée print made by the artist
Two editions offered:

A > Limited Edition of 30 + 2AP
16 x 21 (in)⌇39 x 53 (cm)

B > Limited Edition of 10 + 2AP
34 x 45 (in)⌇86 x 114 (cm)